Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Typographic Masonry

While I was reading Niko magazine, (above images) I found out about the designer's Richard Niessen and Esther De Vries. They do really detailed and colourful graphics, including the typographic work below (click to enlarge). You can see more of their work at niessendevries.com. Amazing stuff. xxxx

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lucio barbeiro said...

Hi Anna, thanks for your comment in my blog.

I like Idea Magazine. I have some Ideas in my home. It´s a wonderful magazine. The magazine that I really like is Revista Gráfica - Arte Internacional (Graphik magazine - international art). In Gráfica, there´s ilustration, photography, typography, architecture. I think her the best magaziné´s design of the world.

The publishers of Idead like a lot at Gráfica. The Oswaldo Miran is publisher of Grafica, he had been in Idea about 1985.

Next weekend i go to take some pictures of Grafica for you see, ok?

See you.