Sunday, August 3, 2008

this is ... my trade secret

This weeks theme for 'this is' is a good one. It was suggested by bollewangenhaptoet, and it's this: This is .... 'My trade secret'. I'll be very interested to read everyone else's secrets, but this is mine.

In order to have happy results it's good to have a great working relationship with the people who help you do what you do. I've seen lots of horror stories lately where people have got things produced overseas and because of the lack of communication, or problems with technology etc, things have gone really pear shaped, and they've had to start from scratch.

So here are some of the tried and trusted people I can recommend (apologies that the list is a bit Sydney-centric):

Digital and offset stationery printing: MBE Surry Hills. There's a great guy called Andrew. If there's a colour problem, or something he's not sure about, he'll call immediately. He's lovely to deal with and his pricing is competitive.

Woven Labels: Clothing Labels. I've just had a great experience dealing with them. They spent ages with me going through colour charts etc. Akira uses them, so you can count on the quality being really good. (see examples above)

Digital Fabric yardage printers: Sublitech. The only drawback is that they only print onto polyester, ie lycra and flag cloth. I found a fabric that is canvas like in quality which I'll be using for bags, but I'll wait till Wednesday's On my Desk to show that.

I'm still on the lookout for a yardage screenprinter so if anyone knows one I'd love to hear a recommendation.

Thanks to Three Buttons for hosting This is.... xxxx


CurlyPops said...

Have you checked out Ink and Spindle yet? They're still setting up but they have a blog.

Juddie said...

Hey Anna-Lisa,

Thanks for these tips! Regarding your quest for yardage screen-printers, I'm not aware of anyone in SYdney, but if you would consider Melbourne, it might be worth keeping an eye on Lara Cameron's new ventur, Ink and Spindle -


one little acorn said...

Oh it's so nice to get personal recommendations for contacts and you are so right, the relationships with all these people is so so important. Thanks for sharing.

Juddie said...

Ooops! I wrote my comment almost immediately after you posted this question, but my computer was playing up and it didn't save my comment till later. Looks as though curlypops and I are on the same track!

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

They are some great trade secrets! Thanks for sharing!

Pod said...

i might try the guys in surry hills for my new cards
hope all is well

Suzy said...

Hi there,
I have been trying to track down a yardage printer too, and just stumbled on Screen Haus -
Do you know anything about them?
Suzy x