Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Gemma Smith

Mum came over yesterday and was asking my opinion about who I thought would be an interesting young artist to invest in. Her and 5 friends are planning on buying an artwork, or artworks each for the value of $5000 with a view to selling in 5 years time, at which point they'd all split the profits and costs.

It's often hit and miss with young artists, so splitting the profits, or more to the point, losses, would take the stress out of the project. It's quite a big ask to make a profit from an artist in 5 years and a bigger ask to re-sell an artwork you'd learned to live with and love.

I read somewhere that if you're going to invest in something, it has to be something you really like. My choice would be Gemma Smith's collapsible sculptures. She's already got a strong art career, but she's young enough to make lots more great artwork too. I got the images from Sarah Cottier Gallery website.

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