Saturday, September 29, 2007

Arnaud Loumeau

I've been looking at artists pages on Myspace lately, and one of the standouts is Arnaud Loumeau. The only information I can find is from his Myspace page: He's a 28 year old male living in Vatican City State. If anyone reading this has a Myspace page, make friends with him and he'll put one of these great images in your comments section. Love the colour and detail! I could look at them all day. xxxx

Later: Oops - I was just in contact with Arnaud. Alas, he doesn't really live in Vatican City, that was just a joke. He lives in Poitiers, France. I had described his work to a friend as "wacky, colourful, sci-fi, cult art", so I thought it was great he lived next door to the Pope. You can see more of his work on a blog called Fontanelle, and if you speak French you can read his book here. xxxx


//fine little day// said...

This looks real intresting!

Anonymous said...

wow - cool stuff. I'd love to see a whole wall of them.