Wednesday, October 1, 2008

On My Desk

A couple more rough pages for the zine I'm making. It's supposed to be in the mail by now - Monday at the latest!! Also the other thing that's taking up most of my waking hours is that we bought a tiny little unrenovated house, so lot's to organise and a frightening amount of work to do once we get the keys!! More On My Desk players to be found at Kootoyoo.


Suzy said...

Your zine looks great... and mine's not in the post either. Soon!
The house looks great too, how exciting.

angelique said...

The postie delivered mine just in time for me to read over lunch today.Even the husband picked it up and had a look. It looks great and very handy too.

Mine went off to the post office yesterday so it shouldn't be far away.