Thursday, October 23, 2008

New Wacom tablet

This week I had my third attempt at using a Wacom tablet. The first two times I used a large and medium size tablet, but found them too awkward and only persisted for a couple of days. This time I had to give it a better shot because I'm starting to get really bad RSI. So I tried the smallest Wacom tablet I could find. Now I'm addicted. So much better than using a mouse. I did the above doodles testing the different pressures of the pen. xxxx


lucio barbeiro said...

hi anna, are you fine. i always coming to here. i like those tshirts in last post.

do you have this t-shirts for sale? i wanna one those t-shirts for me use here in brazil.

see you soon.

lucio barbeiro said...

anna, i will check that link you send me. i wanna anna´s t-shirt. hahaha

i will buy and will walk on the street using her. =)

see ya.