Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Attempted passport photos

I thought I'd share my attempts at getting a passport photo of my 19-month old son. Under Australian law passport photos must be clear, and of the appropriate size. They must also have the subject looking directly at the camera, head not tilted, not laughing or frowning, and the mouth must be closed.

We tried to have it done in the photo lab but they sent us home because he kept smiling and behaving like a clown. So I tried with the digital camera, and thought, by a miracle that I'd got what they were after with the middle, left photo. Unfortunately it was rejected because the light source was from one side rather than front on.

I honestly thought we'd have to postpone our overseas trip until he's old enough to sit still, but thankfully I tried again at a photo lab when he was tired and too grumpy to smile. We got the shot the passport office was after and we can go overseas after all (if I manage to fill out the rest of the form properly)! xxxx


Net said...

Oh man, I've lived through this too! It seriously took about 2 months to get a photo of my one year old that was acceptable. We went through three photo studios, several photo-booths and a bribe of a toy car!

Congrats on finally getting the passport pic!

Suzy said...

Aargh, I am doing the passport application for Ali at the moment too, and the photo is a nightmare. He loves the camera and grins hugely whenever he sees it, and then lunges, so all photos are of him smiling and blurry. I wish I'd taken a photo of him when he was a newborn and couldn't wriggle around. I'm glad you got a good one at last, it has encouraged me to persevere.

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Esther said...

Hmmm, I wonder if the passport people have ever tried this! I enjoyed seeing your attempts - your boy is really cute. (If not still. :)

Sherrin said...

that's so funny! (even though it may not have seemed it at the time!) glad you got the shot... and some good memories too. :o)