Monday, December 24, 2007

Another Jacket - and Seasons Greetings

The last badge jacket I made was for a display in a friends shop, but a woman came in and wanted to buy it, and wanted another one as well. So here's the second one. This one is a bit smaller (for and 18 month old) and I really hope they are to hang in a kids room, cause they're way too heavy (and a bit dangerous with all the safety pins) for a bub to wear. Apparently there were lots of requests in the shop to buy the original jacket, so I may put another one in the Etsy store I'm about to set up during the holiday break. I could customise the badges for the child it was going too.

Anyway, today is Christmas Eve - so Merry Xmas. We had our extended family celebrations today. Very nice but too much to eat! Tomorrow is celebrations with our friends and the 30th December is a belated Xmas celebration with my brother, his kids, mum and my step-dad. Hope everyone has a lovely, festive time. I won't be taking a holiday till mid-January, so will be back quite soon. xxxx

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