Friday, August 17, 2007


I just got tagged by Sara from Happy Silly so have to reveal 8 random facts about myself, then tag 8 other blogs I like reading:

1. I enjoy using Illustrator more than Photoshop,
2. I'm not interested in cooking,
3. When I was a kid I had on Olympic sized trampoline,
4. My favourite part-time job when I was at university was working as a gallery attendant,
5. Even though I've overcome my fear of public speaking I still have nightmares about it,
6. My favourite unhealthy food is yogo (kid's dessert),
7. I often dream that I'm not only flying, but doing aerial acrobatics
as well,
8. I think owning a Burmese cat can increase one's quality of life.

I've just tagged Roxy Marj, Freedomwig, Axid
and Floating World. More to come. xxxx

1 comment:

Suzy said...

I definitely agree about the Burmese cat bit! Thanks for tagging me, I'm going to start working on it now.