Thursday, August 2, 2007

Getting samples made in Thailand

My dad lives in Thailand, and we've been wanting to do some production there for quite a while, but our last attempts to get t-shirts made didn't go so well. All the print samples came back too acrylic. So we're set to try again with a different round of stuff - and I'm sending him off to the Thai Fashion Trade Fair in late August (he knows nothing about fashion or fabric!). Anyway, we have yet to solve the screen-printing problems, but I've made some stuff that requires no printing in the meantime. The first item is a stuffed alien - except everyone thinks it's a frog. And I also made some shapes to be appliqued onto t-shirts. I thought it would be good to post the sample ideas before they go - and then post them again after they get made so I can compare them, and see what kind of craftsmanship they do over there. Let's hope we have better luck this time. xxxx Oh, and I forgot to mention (although it may be obvious) that this round of stuff is all for kids.


Roxana M. Asami said...

woah!!! That is sooo cool about the production project. Gosh, so many of my teachers have told us about all the problems one comes across when getting their things made overseas and how you have to be anal about every detail! The "alien" looks soo cute! Good luck with that. AND those watches down below, specially the black one with dots is soooo sweet!!! yowzaas!!

Annalisa Backlund said...

Thanks Roxy! I'd be very interested to hear what the Parson's teachers tips were about OS production. Hopefully I can find someone in Thailand who can do small scale production runs.