Monday, April 16, 2007

Adorable Cook Book

I found the cutest cook book at the organic shop on Bondi Road. It was designed by Caroline Cox and Vince Frost (who's one of my favourite designers). The recipes were put together by parents and teachers at the Montessori East School in Bondi, and the idea was inspired by Hannah Fink, whose grandmother had a compilation of recipes from her local school in the 1950's. The grandmother's booklet, (I want a copy!), describes great meals such as Chicken with Coca Cola and Fish in Cream and Ketchup Sauce. The more recent Montessori School Cookbook, has recipes from Swedish, Persian and Jewish cultures - even a dish called 'Queensland Pumpkin Scones' to add to the melting pot. The descriptions include all sorts of local facts and intimate stories. I bought a copy, and I hate cooking! Above is a couple of pages showing the typography and illustration (which was done by children from school).

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