Monday, June 23, 2008

Type Tuesday 24th June

For ages my favourite graphics magazines have been Eye, and Idea, but lately I've been also loving Grafik. Above are a couple of examples of nice typography and display in this latest issue. I scanned the images. Click to enlarge. xxxx


katiecrackernuts said...

Oh, and did you see the great liftout on the Art Deco exhibition at Melbourne in Monday's SMH? The fonts and specially designed ads were great. I am reading about Frank Llyod Wright's graphic design work at the moment. Had no idea that much of what designers do - especially mag and newspaper designers (and layout subs like me) - has its roots in architecture. Lloyd Wright went into publishing to promote his architectural design, but like all good designers, the layout was influenced by his, and other designers, aesthetic. Who knew? Not me anyway.

ricky antolini said...

yes, i agree, Grafik has been getting better and better every time, still not as tight as eye or as lush as idea though..