Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Technical problems and Type Tuesday

First things first - we had to get rid of our internet provider and get a new one - if there were any emails or comments since last Thursday I would have missed them, so my apologies if I haven't responded.

Anyway - Type Tuesday, and I'm posting from a dial up connection (^&$I^%#$TR$%*(*U)(*&)!!).............but my frustration with the computer doesn't mean I don't feel passionate about the content. This weeks examples come from the fantastic book Yokoland. They're a design team from Norway who have a huge commitment to low budget, uncompromising creativity and do lots of DIY typography - including installations with huge, handmade letters. I've paraphrased this list of materials they use for type from their book: LEGO, cardboard, paper, beads, fabric, caviar, mayo, ketchup, strawberry sauce, candy, leaves, leek, keyboard letters, clay, wood, building foam, squeeking toys, bathroom tiles. All above images are scanned from the book. Information about Yokolands projects, and the book can be found at
yokoland.com. Click to enlarge - Cool stuff! xxxx


fine little day said...

Have to check out that book.

Annalisa Backlund said...

Yeah - it's my favourite graphic design book I own - an I have quite a few! xxxx